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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live and we thank all of our listeners and supporters who make that possible.


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Our Supporters

WSAV-LP Power 93.7 FM

Bishop Peter G. & Mother Clara L. Tower

Bishop Peter & Mother Clara Tower

One Body Gospel Chorus

Min. Charlene Tower

Sis. Sheila E. Tower

Rev. Kevin & Michelle Curry

Min. Tabatha A Tower

Sis. Fannie Thomas

Rev. & Sis. Boatright

Bro. & Sis Darryl Hartsoe Sr.

Bro. Darryl Hartsoe Jr.

Deacon Henry Winston

Sis. Yolanda Hartsoe

Bro. Joe Witherspoon

Sis. Gloria Worthy

Sis. Estella Hartsoe

Sis. Esperanza Pugh

Sis. Vanessa K Tower

Pastor Melvin Brown

Sis. Wilma Patrick-Lucas

Sis. Anita Flowers-Taylor

Deacon Weeks

Bro. James Williams

Sis. Veronica Alston

Min. Kenny Dawson

Sis. Peggy Wilson

Pastor & Sis Robinson

Sis. Mahliyah Thompson

Sis. Jessie M Tower

Bro. John Brisby

Min. Patricia Miles

Deacon Joseph Vaugh

Evangelist Doris Chatman

Rev. Marcellus & Sis. Samantha Harris

Bro. Pharoah Harris

Sis. Hazel Harris

Sis. Aja Coney

The Allen Family

Min. Cassandra Marr

Sis. Tina Allen

Bro. David Ford

Sis. Cynthia Killings

Bro. Willie & Sis. Angie Banks

Bro. Willie & Sis Alberta & Bro. Cardie Jones

Deacon Jacob 

Deacon Cornwell

Bro. Peter D & Danielle Tucker

Sis. Brooklyn Tower

Bro. Oscar Hill

Sis. Evelyn Henry

Mother Osie Chaney

Bro. Hakeim Cavin

Sis. Mary Stewart

Sis. Cathy Goiner Burnett

Bro. Nelson McGill

Deacon Ted Moore

Sis. JoAnn Board

Bro. John Curry

Sis. Alberta Curry

Bro. William Curry Jr.

Sis. Treecie Johnson

Bro. John & Sis. Tia Ford

Bro. Willie & Sis. Angie Banks

Sis. Delores McCall

Min. Kevin & Michelle Curry

Deacon Harold Jackson

Sis. Willie Steele

Mother Anna Barnes

Mother Betty King

Rev. & Sis. Otis Jenkins

Bro. Michael Tower

Sis. Dr. Carol Jackson

Sis. Amber Milton

Deacon & Sis. Houston

Cathedral of Praise

Sis. Jessica Tower

Min. Serena Jones

Deac. James & Sis. Ethel Taylor

Pastor Douglas Price

Bro. Maurice Johnson II

Rev. Rufus Buchanan

Rev. & Min. Capers

Pastor Massey

Min. Wicks

Rev. Ernest Battle


IIn Loving Memory:


Sis. Roslyn Tower

Bro. Charlie Tower

Bro. Leon Jackson

Sis. Winston

Rev. Samuel and Min. Lillie Taylor

Bro. Oscar Hill

Community Members

Northcoast Wireless

143 Erie St, Wellington, OH 44090
(440) 647-5626

Exclusive Mobile Detailing

Dale Curry

Business Leaders 

John Curry Electric Consultants

315 10th Ave N.

Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 691-1664

Bishop Peter G. Tower
Sis. Wilma Lucas
Min. Kenneth Dawson
Min. Cassanda Marr
Elder Tommy West
Bro. Nazir Fletcha
Min. Tabatha A Tower
Min. Charlene Tower
Sis. Fannie Thomas
Sis. Jessie M. Tower
Sis. Sheila E. Tower

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